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One of the biggest concerns of international trading companies is fast delivery of goods and services to their customers. The International Express Post is one of the fastest ways to send and receive goods and shipments from other countries, which is the key to the success of this group of companies. In addition to being the fastest way to ship goods, Express Post does not cost much.

Order International Express Post

In the process of ordering an international Express post, you have to be aware of all the laws of the countries of origin and destination and consider them when ordering.For example, transportation of goods such as military equipment, drugs, pharmaceuticals, explosives and flammable substances, granules, all kinds of magnets, all kinds of powders, live animals and all kinds of liquids through international express post is prohibited.

 Express Post Cost

Another very important issue that concerns many international traders is the cost of international express post.This method of sending and receiving goods is done through airlines and its cost depends on the weight of the packages and the distance between the origin and the destination. In general, the heavier the shipments and the greater the distance traveled, the higher the shipping cost.

International Express Post

TMS Express Post services

TMS International Fast Shipping Company provides fast shipping or express mail services to its customers with cheap prices from all over the world, especially China. Our company will send your valuable postal items (including documents and samples of goods) to the desired destination and ensure its health. Your shipments will be received from the sender’s location in the shortest possible time and at the best possible price, and will be delivered to the recipient’s location by the TMS Express Postal Service.Also, by using the online tracking system, it is possible to track the current position of your postal package at any time. TMS International Fast shipping Company, after receiving your packages, packages them according to international rules and standards and delivers them to the recipient at the highest levels of security in their transportation

Advantages of TMS International Express Post

Fast delivery in the shortest time 90%
Cheap and affordable 80%
Provide Door to Door service 80%
Ability to track mail at any time via the online tracking system 100%

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International Express Post service