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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our services.

TMS services are available from Dubai. All you have to do is call 44432421 or 44427910 to inquire about shipping costs.

A door to door service is a service that in addition to transporting goods (Door to Airport), also include the clearance of the customer’s cargo, and after clearance from the customs, we deliver the cargo to the customer’s door or workplace.

Large and lightweight packages are priced through their bulk weight. For example, when the volume of a shipment is larger than its occupant’s weight compared to the usual space, the volume of the shipment is calculated by multiplying the length by the width in height by cm, dividing by 5,000, and multiplying by the number of cartons.

Commodities such as lithium batteries, chemicals, chemical powders, liquids and perfumes, toxic and flammable goods, and other goods like them are dangerous goods.

Non-commercial clearance: It is done without a business card and order registration and declaration of goods, and the clearance time is 1-2 working days.

Commercial clearance: It is done with a business card, order registration and declaration and obtaining the necessary permits, and the clearance time is 7 days to 10 working days.

Yes – TMS Trading Group has an office in Shenzhen and, with an export license in China, is a forwarder in class A in China, which has the ability to provide international services from China to Iran and Dubai.

The cost is announced by TMS experts after receiving the following information:

  1. A) The name of the consignment and the type of cargo b) The value of the goods c) The specific weight of the cargo c) The exact dimensions of the packaging

All expenses are received in Rials by the TMS office in Iran.

The customs costs of the express post are determined after the entry of the cargo into the customs and customs assessments and according to criteria such as import volume, type of cargo, country of manufacture and origin. For this reason, it is not possible to provide an exact figure before that.

Heavyweight shipments are somewhat predictable by providing information to TMS.

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