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About us

Welcome To TMS

We use our honesty, experience and effort to satisfy you because we love what we do for you.

Who We Are?

TMS was established with the addition of a number of top export and import experts with years of experience. With the aim of creating a standard international transportation chain and relying on the knowledge of experts and cooperating with the most reputable domestic and foreign airlines, TMS Company provides all kinds of consulting services, cargo transportation and clearance of international shipments from domestic customs to industry owners and individuals.

TMS by using its representatives and business partners around the world, especially in China, is always considered as one of the most reliable, fastest and most cost-effective collections in this field.

Why choosing us?

Providing appropriate solutions

Relying on the knowledge of its experts in the field of international transportation of goods, TMS company always provides the best solutions to its customers.

Online Tracking

The TMS tracking system is designed so that customers can be informed of the current status of their shipments online at any time.

Lowest time and cost

TMS, along with the best domestic experts, has international partners and strategic representatives, which makes the process of transporting goods in the shortest time and cost.

Service quality assurance

TMS offers its services to customers at the highest levels of quality and global standards and guarantees the quality of its services.