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From the moment a commodity enters the customs in order to export and import the goods, a process is carried out in order to clear the goods from the customs. During this process, the relevant goods are collected by performing a series of customs formalities such as preparing, registering and completing import or export documents physically or electronically, receiving shortages and determining routes, calculating funds such as commercial profit, customs duties, taxes, and so on. This process is often entrusted to clearing companies.

TMS process of clearance

The process of clearance of goods can be done by the owner of the goods or its legal representative at the customs. But more importantly, who is responsible for this responsibility, the aristocracy is essential to all stages of the clearance of goods for any business that engages in activity in this area.

TMS Company, with its experienced staff at Imam Khomeini Airport Customs, announces its readiness to clear imported items. The most important difference between us as a clearance company is our accurate knowledge of the latest clearance news and commercial rules and regulations. This allows your goods to be cleared by TMS clearers in the shortest possible time and not stored in the customs warehouse for a long time.Our full knowledge of tariffs on imported goods and full knowledge of the documents required by the customs are among our benefits.

It is also possible for the company to transfer the warehouse receipt in the name of the owner of the goods or a third party. Contact us for information on the terms of clearance and the cost of import tariffs.


Special TMS services

  • Clearance of all goods and industrial cargo
  • Clearance of shipping bills of shipping companies
  • Clearance of all telecommunication items
  • Provide import services with a valid business card
  • Annual contract with individuals and organizations