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Business Consulting

International trade is one of the most lucrative professions in all countries. The reason is that a particular country or company always has products that it is either not possible to produce in other countries, or its production leads to exorbitant costs and is not optimal. Therefore, these products, which are generally considered to be the basic products used by various industries, are often requested by other countries.

In the one hand, since technology advancing around the world, especially in China, have been developed every day, and Iran is a consumer country, international trade with China and other high-tech countries is more profitable than other countries. On the other hand, International trade (exchange of services, goods and capital between different countries) is an important part of the country’s GDP, which today is considered as one of the most important sources of income for developing countries. Despite the many economic, welfare, and technology benefits of international business, establishing business relationships with businesses in other countries requires familiarity with the processes, rules, and regulations of exporting and importing goods, and benefiting from trusted business advisors. china, as one of Iran’s largest trading partners, is no exception, and imports from that country require their own knowledge.

 Among the most important of these processes and rules and regulations, We can mention the steps of purchasing goods, transporting goods, registering transportation documents and bill of lading, customs affairs from China. Also, the decision to start an international business requires these acquaintances and estimates of the costs associated with buying and selling goods in the country of origin and destination, including the price of the goods, shipping costs and customs costs.

TMS Company, with its experienced and principled experts, and with the use of the latest strategic information, will help you to get acquainted with all business matters and provide you with the necessary business consulting services.

Business Consulting