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 In order for a person or company to be able to register an order for the international purchase of a product outside of Iran, financial authentication is required. Due to the special circumstances of the sanctions imposed on Iran, in most cases, individuals and companies cannot register their orders directly, and if they can, they must go through a process of which they are unaware.

International Procurement Process

For example, if you want to buy a product from Amazon, but you do not have the address of the company or place of residence outside of Iran where you can get your goods, you must get help from an intermediary company so that you can get the address. You also need to pay for an international credit card information when making a purchase. Since it has not been possible for Iranian individuals and legal entities to open an international bank account for several years due to international sanctions, you must do so through an intermediary company.

Accordingly, different companies operate in the field of registration and international purchase of goods that any of them have its own standards and tariffs which may not be favorable to customers. In order to facilitate the business of merchants, traders and manufacturers, TMS Company announces its readiness to purchase all the required items at the lowest cost and in the shortest possible time.

International purchase

International purchase

Benefits of goods purchase services with TMS

  • Making international purchases of goods at the best possible cost
  • Buying goods in the shortest possible time
  • Without any restrictions
  • Ability to buy your desired product from all reputable sites in the world

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