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Cargo refers to the shipment of heavy non-passenger cargo, which is generally for the export or import of heavy goods such as industrial equipment, carpets, agricultural products, minerals, raw materials and other cargoes, often by industry owners. Every year, millions of tons of heavy goods such as industrial goods and equipment, raw materials and household and commercial items are transported by airlines between industry owners and people from different countries.The cost of transporting heavy goods depends on several factors, which we will discuss below.

cost of cargo

There are several factors in determining the cost of transporting heavy goods, including the price of currency, the type of airline agency, the type and quality of cargo services, the distance between the origin and destination, the weight  and the type of cargo. If the heavy load type is in the category of dangerous loads, due to the necessary initial steps to carry it, its tariff will be higher than normal loads


TMS cargo service


TMS company, with the help of its international partners and representatives around the world, especially in China, has made it possible to transport heavy imported and exported goods in the shortest possible time. Commodity transport services for import or export in the fastest time using the largest cargo transportation service of the largest international transport companies; It is provided to customers by an experienced and specialized TMS team.It is possible in this system that you send packing and invoices to experienced TMS experts before loading your goods to be informed of the final price of transportation and its clearance steps. Because TMS has contracts with reputable and different airlines, it can offer you the heaviest cargo services with the lowest tariffs compared to other companies.
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